Issue 5: Confronting Enemies

Enemy Territory

Concepts and Practices of Justice: Experiences from the Mesa de Escrache

Un-Settling the Colonial Impulse: Contemporary Indigenous Artists Engage Plymouth

Names Not Lost: Racial Terror Lynching, Past and Present

Whose Monuments: Scenes of Tearing Down, Building Up, and Thinking Through

Reclaiming Pepe: Documenting How a Hate Symbol Gets Made and Unmade

Changing the Narrative on Childhood Sexual Abuse

9 Theses on Pandemic and Reproductive Labor

Issue 4: Governance Reimagined

The inauguration of the People’s Parliament of Rojava in Dêrik.

Other Ways to Govern

Students of all ranks participate in the ritual of cleaning the dojo

A Tale of Two Dojos: An Allegory About Institutional Integrity

The inauguration of the People’s Parliament of Rojava in Dêrik.

Art of the Stateless State

a campaign to buy debt for pennies on the dollar, with a variety show and telethon in 2012.

Debt as Power: From Shame to Possibility

A Maskoke child holds tomatoes grown in the Ecovillage greenhouses. Residents grow vegetables based on the traditional diets of their ancestors.

A Radical Re-settlement: Walking the Talk on Indigeneity

Meet the Progressive Consultancy Cooperative Helping Barcelona

A map showing the area encompassed by the Río de la Plata drainage basin.

A River Basin as Governance Lab

"End the Debt! Decolonize! Liberate Puerto Rico!" a hand-illustrated scroll over 170 feet long and 3 inches wide

Organizing Mutual Solidarity Projects as an Act of Resistance in Puerto Rico

Maps Not Manifestos

For Techno-Colored Girls Who Imagined Afrofutures When Black History Wasn’t Enough

Issue 3: Artists Challenging Normativity

Photo of A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue #3

Artists Challenging Normativity
Introduction to A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue #3

Deep Space Mind: Designing and Documenting Mental Wellness in Community

Disability Arts: From the Social Model to the Affirmative Model

Sins Invalid performance featuring Nomy Lamm and Cara Page.

Artistry and Activism: Building Movement for Disability Justice

Envisioning Future Selves: Reclaiming Identity After Incarceration

Getting Creative About Affordable Housing in Skid Row

Collaborative Art Through Immigrant Resistance and Solidarity

Ask an Artist: Mary Mattingly Answers Your Questions

The Art Institution as Nuclear Reactor

Issue 2: Who

Who Makes Socially Engaged Art?
Introduction to A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue #2

City as Partner: Three Artists on Collaborating with Government Agencies

The Art of Golden Repair: Youth, Police, and Horses Upend the Politics of Care

Curating as Caring: Tending to Partnerships Between Artists and Communities

Stay, Listen, Organize: Bridging Appalachia’s Past and Present through Sound

Toy Soldiers and Parking Lots: Participatory Theater with White Rural Virginians

Evolving the Institution: Who Belongs?

Reprint: The Roosevelt, Dancing

Ask an Artist:
Dread Scott Answers Your Questions

Issue 1: Where

Practicing Life

Practicing Life: A Blade of Grass’ New Magazine

ABOG Magazine

Location and Socially Engaged Art:
Introduction to Issue # 1

The Poetic Residue: On the Difference Between a Civic Action and an Art Project

Multiple Views

Why Make Gardens with People in Solitary Confinement?

Suzanne Lacy

“Where Are We and What Time Is It?”
On Beginning to Curate Suzanne Lacy

Beyond Groceries

The Future of Creative Placemaking

Reprint: This Is Art? The Alienation of the Avant Garde from the Audience*

Ask an Artist:
Brett Cook Answers Your Questions