What We Learned From The Hive

Join Michelle Levy, Director of EFA Project Space, in conversation with artists Piero Passacantando and the Feminist Economics Department (Cassie Thornton and Byron Peters) as they reflect on the outcome of their projects as part of The Hive: Empathy Corporation.

During the workshops and events of Piero Passacantando’s pop-up think tank MyNerva: Transmigration of the Cubicle, participants considered how to bring human elements into alienating corporate and social situations. Passacantando and Mica Scalin of The Alternative Speakers Bureau, a collaborator on the project, will share their proposed solutions and interactions for readdressing the office environment both physically and mentally.

Poets’ Security Force is a mutual aid society that uses its funding to purchase poetry written by security guards while on the job, invites guards to define what they would like to protect outside of other people’s property, and pays them to create security in a way that makes sense to them. For this talk, Cassie Thornton and Byron Peters of the Feminist Economics Department will discuss the project as it relates to the history of the private security industry and the idea of poetry within the rearrangement of security work.

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