Why Is It So Hard To Ask For Help?

Why is it so hard to ask for help? Setting up your Minimum Viable Hologram


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Tuesday, June 1, 2021
6:00 – 8:00 PM (EDT)
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After the pandemic we will be in a new world. This new world could look and feel very different if everyone who gives support, including you, also receives it. But why is it so hard to ask for help?

Asking for the care you want and need shows other people that it is possible. We believe that if everyone received high quality care, we would literally be in a new world. We think that if all caregivers were cared for, the way we value all life and distribute resources would be more equitable, ethical and healthy. In The Hologram project, asking for help means you are the expert and a teacher; aka asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a collective process to remember together why and how to ask for support. Please come ready to discuss experiences and hack common problems related to inviting people to join you in a Minimum Viable Hologram session

*We would like to record the workshop with the intention of sharing selected parts of it with folks who are not able to join us. Please expect to make a collective decision about this at the beginning of the session.


Meet the Facilitators

Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelova is a Czech-Sorbian artist and curator living in Berlin, where she runs a gallery in her bedroom, writes about care work, and makes sounds. The wild tangle of projects coming out of her bedroom could be seen as a life-long investigation into different forms of thinking and creating post-capitalist worlds. She has taken the first Hologram workshop in the spring of 2020, and has been involved since, in writing about The Hologram, facilitating MVHs, role playing possible holographic futures, and organizing.


Aly Su Borst moves through the void spaces – sensing, listening, intuiting and guiding. She walks seamlessly between the teachings of the etheric and the lessons needed for life on Planet Earth.


Hen/i Since discovering The Hologram in the fall of 2020, Hen/i likes very much to ponder on and work inside the post-capitalist world, in overwriting (or simply letting go of) the outdated, overly-worn questions we ask ourselves like “how are you?” and wonders instead if we can reignite curiosities, refresh our interest in one another; can we recover from our single serving lifestyles to a shared economy of value, care and responsibility? What can I learn from you / what would you like to teach me? What can we do together? What do you need right now? What questions can I ask that would serve you?


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