Last Minute FAQ: Grants to Organizations Edition

Katerina Seda

Katerina Seda, There’s Nothing Here, 2003, video still

As actual applications start to trickle in and last-minute questions really start to pour, here are a few late-breaking answers that everyone should know:

1. You don’t need to ask for $50,000. Realistically assess your budget and needs, and ask for an amount up to $50K that makes sense for your organization’s program and budget.

2. It’s a one-time grant. One of the things we are definitely looking for is proposals that leverage a one-time grant into continued growth for your organization.

3. We are funding art that falls into the contemporary visual art idiom. Straightforward dance troupes or musical ensembles are not going to make the first cut. But we do get that contemporary art is getting less straightforwardly visual and more interdisciplinary. If you’re blurring the lines… well, that’s part of the idiom, isn’t it?

Looking forward to reading your proposals!

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