I Got No Letter From the Government The Other Day: Grants To Individuals Have To Wait Until 2013


Stormtroopers guarding the 1%? December 3, Collins and 19th, Miami Beach

I know, I know. It’s been very quiet here the past couple of weeks. We’ve been mulling over this IRS thing.

The backlog at the IRS is profound–we still don’t know when they are going to get to A Blade of Grass’ application. It’s not right to keep artists hanging. We have decided to suspend our grants to individuals for one year to ensure that we give the IRS more than enough time to look over our application and negotiate with us about these grants to individuals if necessary. The new deadline will be sometime in January, 2013. Grant guidelines should remain pretty much the same, and we’ll be able to inform you in plenty of time if they change.

Grants to institutions are not affected by this, and the deadline is right around the corner so if you have 501(c)(3) status, get on it!

I’ll be rolling out lots more news in coming days. We have this shiny new advisory committee we’d like you to meet. We are launching in style by funding a fantastic project in the Bronx. We’re looking for new voices for this blog. There are a couple of collaborations in the works that might yield interesting fruit. I am newly obsessed by the intricacies of becoming a non-profit, and want to delve into what 501(c)(3) status means for artists.

I have a small handful of details to attend to. But as soon as I edit what needs editing I’ll start this new era by explaining why grants to individuals are so different than grants to organizations, what that means to artists, and what some artist groups are doing about it.

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