Q: When’s the deadline for Art in Context Grants?
A: Next year, probably January 2013. Unfortunately the IRS is taking a really long time to look at our application, and because grants to individuals have totally different rules than grants to organizations, we can’t make any until the IRS says it’s OK.

Q: Art in Context? What’s that?
A: Art in Context grants are designed to enable artists who work in an active, innovating relationship to the world. If you are alone in a studio making objects or images that are best appreciated with lots of negative space around them, this is not your grant. But if your work is meaningful because of how or where it’s deployed, who it communicates with or helps, or what is happening alongside it, you should definitely apply.

Q: When can I start applying as an institution, and what are the deadlines?
A: We are accepting applications from institutions as we speak. The deadline for institutions is December 16th.

Q: Do you provide grants to artists or institutions outside of NYC?
A: Unfortunately, at this time we only grant artists and institutions in the greater NYC area.

Q: How do you define the greater NYC area?
A: We are including Long Island, Southern Connecticut, Northern New Jersey and Westchester County in the metropolitan area. If your community is serviced the MTA, Long Island Railroad, PATH or Metro North, you are in good shape to apply.

Q: Do you provide grants to institutions that are for profit?
A: We only provide grants to institutions that are documented 501(c)3 non-profits.

Q: Can my collective apply for an Art in Context grant?
A: Definitely!

Q: Does my collective qualify for the grants for institutions?
A: If your collective is a documented 501(c)3 then you are eligible for our grant for institutions. If not, then please apply as an artist.

Q: What do you mean by financial need?
A: Financial need is a complex brew of income, debt, savings and need, so we have to make a qualitative assessment of your situation. Your statement of need should give us a clear and honest picture of how these variables work for you. Finalists will be asked to back up their statement with tax returns and other documents if necessary.

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