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Mary Mattingly waters plants on Swale. Image courtesy RAVA Films.

Mary Mattingly waters plants on Swale. Image courtesy RAVA Films.

It’s time for another round of Ask an Artist! Submit to the A Blade of Grass Magazine advice column by emailing by May 15. You can revisit the Issue 1 column with artist Brett Cook here and Issue 2 with Dread Scott here.

Our next columnist will be artist Mary Mattingly, whose imaginative work challenges environmental and economic norms and policy by enacting alternative systems. As an A Blade of Grass Fellow in 2015, Mary created the floating mobile food forest Swale, where food crops are grown on a barge in public waterways to circumnavigate New York City public land use policy against foraging on city property.

A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue 3 will explore how socially engaged art can challenge normativity through the ambitious and imaginative creation of alternatives, or by lifting up and affirming the experience of those at the so-called margins to work towards transforming our society to become more just and inclusive.

Have you been parsing a new idea, wrestling with a question, or coming up against a challenge when it comes to addressing normativity in your own art practice or elsewhere? Ask Mary!

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