No Longer Empty, This Side of Paradise

No Longer Empty embraces a fresh perspective on creating, presenting and experiencing art. Through site-specific exhibitions that draw together the vitality of the contemporary art world and the values of building community, NLE creates in each exhibition a community of artists, designers, educators, scholars and the public who, together, create and experience art, free of market imperative and institutional constraints.

The Andrew Freedman Home was conceived by its founder in 1907 as a haven for elderly people who had lost their fortunes. After 25 years of limited use, the Home will be reconnected to its neighborhood and open to the public through No Longer Empty’s exhibition, This Side of Paradise. The exhibition and its extensive public programming will draw together the economic and social history of the Home with the present day realities of the Bronx and its residents. The art will respond to the home’s founding purpose, architecture and spirit, and explore a landscape of memory, immigration, storytelling, aging and fantasy that is both universal and specific to the home and its surrounding neighborhood.

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