Shane Aslan Selzer

Artist Files Fellow

Shane Aslan Selzer unearths the impulses that compel the artist to make by building forums for discussion. She develops micro communities where visual artists can expand on larger social issues and deal with generosity, exchange, and failure. For one of these conversations she organized a Saddle-fitting Seminar where she used saddles and saw-horses to explore the ideas between art, craft, function and uselessness She collaborates with Kianga Ford to facilitate the Global Critic Clinic, a 10-day international studio critique workshop, that engages in rigorous idea-based dialogue with artists in communities with limited access to MFA style studio critique. Her Failure Talks are designed to take an intimate look at the concept of failure, as presented by other artists, as a productive condition, one that encourages creativity and imagination as a means of transgressing it. In each of these projects she assembles spaces where people can learn through interaction with others by provoking discourse that is informed by circumstances that are too often held ‘outside’ of art.

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Saddle Fitting Seminar, 2009

Global Crit Clinic at the Dei Centre in Accra, Ghana, 2012

Outcross Bend, 2007

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