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LuLu LoLo’s life as an artist is grounded in the legacy of her parents. Her home is full of photographs, documents, and objects that recall their prolific work as community organizers. LuLu is an international performance artist, playwright/actor, and multi-disciplinary artist. Symbolism, ritualism,memory, and myth, all contribute to the aesthetic spirit of LuLu’s art. This is evident in her performance as “Mother Cabrini, Saint of the Immigrants” in Campagna, Italy, and when she appeared attired in top hat, white tie and tails as “The Gentleman of 14th Street” recreating the ritual of “tipping one’s hat” as a sign of greeting for Art in Odd Places: Ritual.  She incorporates research with performance as “14th Street NewsBoy” attired in knickers and a cap for Art In Odd Places: Sign, handing out four weekly issues of the “14th Street Tribune” which she researched and wrote recalling the famous, notorious, and tumultuous events from the history of 14th Street. LuLu has written and performed six one-person plays Off-Broadway highlighting her Italian immigrant family heritage, and her passion for historical research and social justice – especially as pertaining to the dramatic struggle of women in New York City’s past. LuLu’s practice is rooted in her love for family and community. Her performances in public space are compelled by a strong sense of giving. She turns herself over to the characters she portrays ushering the audience with her to another place and time. Her art generates from the collective memory, and puts historical records back into public circulation by means of performance.

Clickhere to see the un-edited footage of LuLu

The Gentleman of 14th Street, 2011

14th Street Newsboy, 2009

Soliloquy for a Seamstress: the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, 2010

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