How do Artists Work Beyond the Gallery or Museum?

Risë Wilson is founder of the Laundromat Project, a non-profit organization that brings art-making programs to Laundromats in low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City. The Project promotes community engagement through art-making, and creates opportunities for artists to develop projects inspired by the uniqueness of the space. The organization also has a professional development fellowship for artists whose work is socially engaged. She has made a career around creating positions for artists to teach, make work, and expand their professional networks.   Check out Risë‘s profile.

  • Is there difficulty in making artwork outside of the traditional art insitutions (the museum, the gallery)?
  • What are the different types of experiences that happen when artists work outside of these institutions?
  • Can artists make socially-engaged work in a gallery or museum?
  • Why is the context of space so important in socially-engaged art?

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