Hello Velocity

ABOG Fellow for Socially Engaged Art

As an ABOG Fellow art collective Hello Velocity will create Gradient, an e-commerce plugin that prices products higher or lower depending on a customer’s income level. Leveraging their design, marketing, and technical expertise, Hello Velocity will use Gradient to demonstrate an equitable pricing system to a mass consumer audience.

Artist Bio

Hello Velocity is a digital creative studio based in New York, founded by artists Lukas Bentel, Kevin Wiesner, and JS Tan whose practice includes marketing, branding, commerce, and art. The studio specializes in creating experimental online applications/interactions/interventions into culture. Hello Velocity leverages its skills across disciplines to develop and push new ideas, with an emphasis on successfully reaching mass audiences.

The three founders met in the Dual Degree Program between Brown University and RISD from which they collectively hold degrees in Computer Science, Materials Engineering, Computer Music, Furniture Design and Industrial Design. Their professional experiences have taken them to Buzzfeed, artist residencies in China, and financial analytics startups, among other places.

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